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Compound_Interest.xlsxAnnual profit based in monthly % return and initial capital.12 KbTrading?…. sure?
Trading_plan_template_TW.pdfTim Wilcox Trading Plan Template160 KbTrading?…. sure?
Annual_trading_plan_JC.pdfSample Trading Plan - John Carter894 KbTrading?…. sure?
Nasdaq12.pdfThe NASDAQ Dozen: Analyze a Stock in 12 Easy Steps759 KbTrading Instruments: Stocks
Expectancy_related_calc.xlsxtables and calculators to obtain Expectancy, RR-ratio, and suggested Stop loss and Target points based in the provided win rates and rr ratios39 KbExpectancy and few basic Money Management concepts
Stock_journal.xlsx Excel sheet that allow to record Stocks trades including a simple position sizing criteria34 KbBasic Trading Journal
Optimal_risk.pdf"Determining Optimal Risk" - Ed Seykota71 KbLearning MM (Money Management)
opt_basics.pdfInvestopedia - Options Basics Tutorial 356 KbStarting with Options
Options_Guide.pdfMornigstar Guide to Equity Option Investing1.21 MbStarting with Options
25SimpleETF.pdf25 Simple ETF642 KbStarting with Options
8LazyETF.pdf8 Lazy ETF71 KbStarting with Options
ETFdbPortfolios.dbfEtf DB Portfolios381 KbStarting with Options