MyTradingHotspot is only a personal toolbox.

I’m now  trading options, basically selling options. Although during the way to be where I’m now I invested in funds, trade stocks and Etf’s, played with futures,….

All that I can explain about it can be found at internet, and probably even better explained.  The problem is that internet has a lot of information,… too many information.

During my process from 0 to have a regular income from trading I collected papers, links, articles, tools, books,…. useful resources  that helped me during my trip. Now,  I try to organise it in a repository to facilitate the access.

Most strictly trading resources but also financial, IT, and other complementary resources that help me go forward.

Maybe it could be also useful for you.

So, myTradingHotspot is a free  website without sponsors and without ads. (But,… buying the books I like from here could help 😉

Please, Consider that: NO investment recomendations and/or trading advice could be found here.